Criminal Record Searches
People from all walks of life do criminal record searches. In fact, understanding how to perform a criminal record search may even be something that is useful to you.

Some people perform criminal record searches in order to protect their family. These searches can offer peace of mind. You can know that you are protecting the ones you love with background checks that are confidential, fast, and accurate. They help you have confidence and trust in people like neighbors, home improvement contractors, day care providers, and anyone else who has access to your family.

Employers use criminal record searches to protect their business. You can make sure that the person you are dealing with doesn't have a shady past by doing comprehensive background checks that include a criminal record search. This helps you to manage your risks and save you the cost of going into business with a company that's been on the wrong side of a lawsuit, a convicted criminal, or an organization that has been through bankruptcy.

Now that you know some of the reasons for performing a criminal record check on someone, you need to know where you can get one. There are several services that, for a fee, will perform a check for you. There are also several websites that keep online databases where you can conduct a search on your own. Listed below are a few of those sites:

Search Systems keeps a large directory of links to online public records databases. If there is a place to start doing a criminal records search, Search Systems is it. This site offers links to sites where you can find business information, professional licenses, corporate filings, unclaimed property, property records, offenders, inmates, criminal and civil court filings, and much more.

Start your search by clicking on the directory links and search by geographic location. You also have the option to use Search Systems' "Public Record Locator" to make it easier.

Public Record Finder is a free online source for public records, including criminal record searches. This site offers links to sites containing online databases of inmate records, criminal offenders, and criminal records.

Rap Sheets is an online vendor that offers criminal record searches for anyone who needs them. The company was recently acquired by ChoicePoint, a major-leaguer in the public-records business. This site offers instant results on all background checks and criminal record searches.

Department of Public Safety (DPS) in Texas keeps an online database of their public record information. This site was established by the Texas DPS as the official Internet source of public record information for deferred adjudications, criminal convictions, and sex offender registrations.

With so many resources at your fingertips, there's no reason that you shouldn't be performing criminal record searches to protect your family and business.