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Wooden Dog House: Home for Your Friend PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Your best friend deserves more than a corner in the garage or a pre-fab metal enclosure.  Your dog should have the comfort and security that a wooden doghouse can provide.

Whether your dog lives inside the house with you, or spends most of the time outdoors, it's importance that he or she enjoys some personal space.  You can buy a wooden doghouse or build your own, but make sure that it meets the requirements of your pet in terms of health, cleanliness and independence.

Choosing the Right Dog House

Pets are big business, and marketers offer a huge array of choices for ready-made doghouses.  There are also kits and plans available to allow you to build your own.  Your choice of doghouse should depend entirely on your dog.  Consider the caliber and size of your pet, as well as the natural climate of your location.  For the most part, wooden doghouses are the proven choice above all others.

*  Wooden doghouses adapt to virtually any weather.  They provide warmth in the winter, and will keep your dog cool in the summer.  A good quality wooden doghouse will withstand varying temperatures, from very cold to hot, without suffering a great deal of damage or undergoing constant repair.   Plastic doghouses don't offer the natural warmth of wood in the winter, and the temperature within metal doghouses can rise to deathly degrees in summer.

* A wooden doghouse can be easily updated.  Over the years, you can repaint it or even expand it to accommodate your growing family of dogs.  A plastic or metal doghouse, on the other hand, may not offer this type of versatility.

* While a wooden doghouse may cost you considerably more, you can calculate your savings over the long run.  Better still, your best friend will be happier and will enjoy better protection, all year round.

Buy Ready-Made, or Build Your Own?

Here is another choice you'll have to make; but again, there are many options available to you.  Most experts will advise that you construct your own wooden doghouse, particularly if you have a large breed of dog.  This will allow you the flexibility of altering your design to create the perfect home for your special pet.

* Build your dog his or her home, even if your pet spends most of the time inside the house with you.  Building a wooden doghouse is a true labor of love, and will not make Sparky think that you don't love him anymore.

One of the main reasons for having a doghouse is to provide the best health to your family.  Depending on the breed of your dog, he or she will shed a lot of hair.  Allowing Daisy to shed in her own home will help the members of your family to breathe cleaner air.  Dog hair can be very dangerous to the health of humans, causing serious lung disease.  Small children are most at risk, as they impulsively put everything in their mouths.

Aside from the obvious health reasons, your dog will thank you for providing the independence of having his or her own living space.  Build or buy a wooden doghouse and provide the best possible care for your best friend.
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