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Independent Car Rentals Explained PDF  | Print |  E-mail
What's better than traveling?  How about traveling, and saving a few bucks in the process?

Sometimes the desire to save money while traveling can lead people to a crucial decision:  to choose a well-known company, or opt for a lesser-known independent car rental agency.  Some say it's better to go with a popular company, as it's a guarantee of proven service.  Others, on the other hand, opt for locally owned smaller companies because they believe that these independent dealers are able to offer a better price and more personalized service.

What are the reasons that so many people choose independent car rentals over more popular agencies?  Here are some of the main considerations:

* Flexible Rates
* Flexible Regulations
* Cash Deposits
* Better Selection of Vehicles
* Better Customer Service

Below is detailed information on some of the benefits of dealing with an independent car rental agency:

* Flexible Regulations

Most independent rental agencies are more flexible than their larger counterparts.  Their policies are not enforced by a head office or corporate honcho, but by the very person that you're dealing with.  This flexibility in bending the rules can certainly work to your benefit.  Since you're dealing with the people who set their own rules, there is the likelihood that you're able to take advantage of certain issues without having problems. Many independent companies are likely to give in to their customer's requests, because they are eager to making customers happy and completely satisfied. Trying to bend certain rules, such as free mileage allotted on your agreement, can be a big problem when dealing with a larger car rental corporation.  There is little to no flexibility, and agents will flatly claim that "it's against company policy" to allow extra miles.  Dealing with independent car rental companies is much easier in this regard, as their primary interest is in turning your rental request into a signed contract.

* Cash Deposits

Cash versus credit is a big issue for many people wishing to rent a car.  Most larger car rental companies will not accept cash for rentals, and usually require a valid credit card before they'll even consider renting you a car.  This is due to the fact that they rely on credit card companies to perform their credit checks.  Most independent agencies, however, will accept cash deposits for car rentals, as it's the preferred method of most travelers.  While most travelers do own valid credit cards, they simply don't like the thought of using it for car rentals.

* Customer Service

Many large car rental companies don't rely on word-of-mouth advertising, so they're not overly concerned with their levels of customer service.  But to an independent agency, satisfied customers are extremely important to them. They are delighted whenever a customer praises their service, as they know that their chance of being recognized by new customers lies in the recommendation of former clients.

* Customer Satisfaction

Another big advantage of dealing with an independent car rental company is that customer concerns are generally dealt with immediately, and to the customer's satisfaction.  With larger corporations, in the event of a discrepancy the customer complaint is not always readily dealt with.  Customers find it difficult to have their complaints heard because big companies sometimes see single customers as little fish, and they know that there is still a huge pool of customers waiting.

Given this information, should you rent with an independent company?  Most smaller rental companies are locally owned and operated.  They offer a good selection of reliable cars, flexible policies, better rates, good discounts and a practical approach.  Customer concerns take top priority, and satisfied customers provide the word-of-mouth advertising that promises repeat business.

For these reasons and more, a wise traveler will choose independent car rentals for good products, reliable service and above all, great savings.
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