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For centuries, musicians around the world have been making beautiful music with accordions.  In its many variations, the instrument remains popular with thousands of players, and there is a growing demand for accordions and accordion supplies and accessories.

It's been said that everything old is new again, and online accordion supply houses are the perfect examples of this theory.  A simple Internet search will provide links to many good retailers of accordions and supplies.  It's the ultra-modern way to buy the things you need for an age old, traditional instrument.

Accordion players can sometimes find it difficult to purchase the supplies and accessories they need, and the Internet has certainly made the task much easier.  Here are some of the more notable accordion supply houses that you'll find online:
Residents of Australia love to shop with This company has been serving Australia for more than 30 years, and is the exclusive Australian distributor of Pigini and Titano accordions, master midi and microphones, plus Deffner, Diero and Pagani publications.As an accordion supply house, carries hundreds of accordions.  These instruments are made by skilled craftsmen who incorporate exclusive design features that may not be available on lower-quality instruments.  The instruments available at offer unprecedented harmony, tonal quality and response, making them famous around the world.
This website provides great quality and service, because they know what accordionists want and need.  It's a good source for instruments and accessories for all accordion players, from beginners to seasoned professionals.  At you'll find a listing of new and used accordions for under $1500, and a separate category for instruments priced at over $1500.  The site even has its own line of accordions called "Planet Squeezebox".  If you want to find a retailer that loves the accordion as much as you do, it looks like this could be a good bet.

Based in New Jersey, Accordion-O-Rama has a tremendous selection of hundreds of new and re-conditioned accordions.  They've been in business since 1950, and really know their business.  New and rebuilt concertinas and accordions are sold at discount prices.  It's an authorized dealer and service center, so you can have your instrument customized to meet your particular needs. imports directly and cuts out overpriced middleman charges.  They also offer a wide inventory of supplies including cases, straps, covers and stands.

The Music Room
Musicians from around the world choose The Music Room as their source for instruments, accessories and sheet music.  Visit and you can shop for, and learn about, virtually every type of musical instrument.  The Music Room is a family business, owned, staffed and operated by professional musicians.  You know that you're buying good quality, because the Music Room employees play what the sell, and know virtually every instrument, inside and out.  Try the Music Room for accordion supplies online.  They've been in business since 1987 and have gained a strong reputation for service and quality.

Now traditional accordion players have a new way to shop for their favorite instruments and accessories.  Buying accordion supplies online is fast, easy and affordable.
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